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Dosa Crepe

Dosa Crepe By Ocen palate is a division of Ocean Palate Inc, As a extensive period of industrial expertise in Modern Indian and Kerala Cuisine. We focus on creating an innovative way of making Dosas and Idlis. We are committed to serve you a Quick service menu as a great fit for this fast and modern world.

Our Dosa Crepes are first time ever introduced to the create an industrial standard. You can expect homemade dosa batters cooked to perfection and filled with world famous Indian curries together with fresh lettuce, onion, tomatoes, which give a crunchy and add vegetable option to the meals for the modern customers.
Enjoy an “eat it all option” as easy as a modern wrap or finger food.

Its our great pleasure to introduce the different flavors of non-sweetened Idlis. Which offer a 100% vegetarian and best introduction to our Vegan lovers . We also offer the famous traditional Dosas.


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